Social Distancing Resort

Social Distancing Resort

State owned plots with a total of 7150 square meters of building rights for tourism purposes. Approved on city plan and ideally situated within the National park of Hossa, nominated as a National Park in 2017 as part of the Finnish centenary.

Strongly capturing the patronage of the domestic market, Hossa has enjoyed careful planning by both the municipality and the largest and Finnish state owned landowner, Metsähallitus. The location of these plots are adjacent to existing infrastructure provided by the main visitor center.

Concept development work has focused upon the natural fit of a social distancing resort with the existing connectivity and services presented by these plots. The municipality is keen to engage with potentially interested developers who have a willingness to meet with local operators and investigate the business case.

The basic concept description and high level plot information contained in the attached file.

Total investment value

1 - 20 MEU


Jonne Maaninka

Development Manager/Municipality of Suomussalmi
+358 40 688 4480

Erno Heikkinen

Mayor/Municipality of Suomussalmi