Nature Base Camp in the Wilderness of the National Park (Seipiniemi)

Hossa Wilderness Base Camp

With the growing demand for healthy wilderness experiences, a rare opportunity to develop accommodation and services inside the National park area of Hossa. The project is seeking an owner/operator/developer to take advantage of close co-operation, in the realisation of the Base Camp, with the Municipality of Suomussalmi.

The concept, pre-feasibility study and legally adopted land use gives a rare opportunity for development inside the designated boundary of the National Park for landscape cabins, with large windows and with an ecological construction methodology. (30 sqm x 50 units, 1500 sqm)

In addition permissions exist to construct a service building (200 sqm) from where reception, food services and experience operations can be organised or operated.

The land is owned by the Finnish state organisation Metsähallitus and further details are to be found in the file download attached to this notice.

Total investment value

3,4 MEU


Carl Wideman

Invest in Kainuu (ENG)
+358 44 551 4621

Karoliina Oikarinen

Invest in Kainuu (FIN)
+358 44 551 4611