Hossa hotel and Service building

Hossa hotel and Service building

Hossa was nominated as a National Park in 2017 as part of the Finnish centanery celebrations.

Hossa tourism services currently includes visitor centre, camping and caravan area, Camping Hossan lumo with some shop, Hotel Hossa holiday centre, the spirit of Hossa Seipiniemi (restaurant, accommodation and program services), Hossan poropuisto (restaurant and reindeer farm visits) as well as cottage and holiday apartments offered by Paasovaara holiday cottages, Lomahossa and Siirtola log cabins.

In future it is intended to develop further accommodation capacity in the national park. This investment opportunity has spade-ready permissions to construct and operate a multi-use facility providing accommodation and visitor services in the same building. Services that currently have established demand from the area’s entrepreneurs, residents and visitors.

Total investment value

1.75 MEU


Carl Wideman

Invest in Kainuu
+358 44 551 4621


Erno Heikkinen

The Mayor/Municipality of Suomussalmi

Jonne Maaninka

Development Manager/Municipality of Suomussalmi