Wilderness Holiday Resort

Wilderness Holiday Resort

A municipality owned plot near to the existing Hossa visitor center presents an opportunity  to construct and operate  a Wilderness Lodge style Hotel (30  Rooms) and c. 50 cabins and apartments and additional tourism related facilities to serve the rising demand for accommodation and experience production services in the core area of the National Park. 

An additional area  further away from this center has been reserved for the construction of privately- owned holiday homes, which offers further opportunities for individual investments.

A concept description and pre-feasibility document may be downloaded from the attached file.

Developers, investors and operators are invited to engage with the municipality to explore how these plots can be utilised under the current land use plan.

Total investment value

8,73 MEU


Carl Wideman

Invest in Kainuu (ENG)
+358 44 551 4621

Karoliina Oikarinen

Invest in Kainuu (FIN)
+358 44 551 4611


Erno Heikkinen

The Mayor/Municipality of Suomussalmi

Jonne Maaninka

Development Manager/Municipality of Suomussalmi