Privacy policy

Personal data file description

This privacy policy is also a personal data file description and complies with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999). We are committed to our customers’ privacy and we offer the opportunity to influence the processing of data. Our website can be used without revealing your personal information. Our website collects user information intended for site development, usability and statistics. This information is intended to make the use of our website as smooth as possible for users.

1. Data controller

Name: Regional Council of Kainuu
Business ID: 2496992-4
Address: Kauppakatu 1, FI-87100 Kajaani, Finland

2. Person responsible for the data file

Name: Paula Halonen, Administrative Director
Tel: +358 44 4100 728

3. Name of the data file

Website data register

4. Purpose of processing personal data

The information gathered on the site is based on the information that has been detected on the use of the web service and is derived from the analytical data, which are processed anonymously. The data is used for analytics and statistical purposes, as well as for targeted content and marketing.

Information is processed as anonymity and data is not merged at any time so that individuals can be provided with information. We collect information so that our website can remember the user and can provide a better user experience. We collect static visitor information for web site development work.

5. Information content of the data file

The site includes third party (partnerships) cookies, which are metrics and tracking services on the site. Third parties can set cookies to your terminal when you visit the site. Cookies mainly collect technical information.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files. The browser will delete cookies after a validity period. You can freely manage any cookies that may appear on your page. The cookie informs the server of how the site was used during the visit. For example, a cookie ensures the user’s choice of language selection.

Google Analytics
Our site uses Google Analytics to compile a statistical analysis of web site visits. This does not collect identifiable information about users.

Personal data collected through cookies and analytics
Visitor tracking and tracking is information provided by the browser and the Internet that does not provide information that identifies the visitor as a person. Also, information is not processed or compounded at any time so that the information would become personalized and the user identified.

6. Personal data storage

Personal data is stored in Kouta Media Oy’s systems on Herman IT servers in Kajaani, Finland.

7. Regular sources of data

The site uses cookies for visitor tracking and tracking. Their job is to produce tracking information, which is anonymous. The purpose of anonymous information is to improve user experience, generate targeted content and produce statistics.

8. Regular disclosure of data

  • The information is not used for marketing purposes without the customer’s specific consent.
  • Data is not regularly disclosed or transferred to countries outside the EU or the EEA, excluding the data collected by the third-party services described in Section 7.

9. Transfer of data outside the EU or the EEA

  • Data is not regularly disclosed or transferred to countries outside the EU or the EEA, excluding the data collected by the third-party services described in Section 7.

10. Customer rights

Right to inspect and rectify information and to erasure

  • Customers have the right to access their data stored in the data file.
  • If any of the details are incorrect or the customer wishes to delete his/her data from the data file, s/he may submit a request for rectification to the person responsible for the data file mentioned in Section 2.

11. Principles for the protection of the data file

Manual material

  • There is no manual material.

Electronically stored data

  • Personal data is treated as confidential. The hardware on which the data file is stored is protected by a firewall, regular backups and other technical measures necessary for protecting and safely storing the personal data.