Invest in Paltamo

Metelinniemi area in Paltamo has long been the municipality’s priority for tourism and travel development. Operations are focused around the golf course area that is known as the most beautiful golf course in Finland.

The acquisition of the land in the beginning of 2004, created opportunities for a strong development of the area as a broad and diverse tourist destination. Today Paltamo Golf area provides summer tourism activities and the further growth in tourism is strongly supported by the municipality.

Another main industry in Paltamo municipality is bioeconomy that has a remarkable potential impact on the employment and service provision in the area. KaiCell Fibers is a company with an objective of building and operating a state-of-the-art pulp (NBSK) and bioproducts mill in Paltamo. The Kainuu region is exceptional in having a surplus supply of Nordic fibre wood, while offering an industry friendly location in Paltamo along with cost-effective logistics to world markets. The biorefinery’s principal product will be chemical sulphate pulp from softwood (pine and spruce).