Hotel Investment project

Situated in a resort centered position, a municipality owned land plot with full designation for tourism related accommodation and services, the municipality is seeking an experienced developer and/or operator to work closely to explore the potential of this plot.

Working together with the municipality at this early stage can enable substantial advantages for all parties. Whilst the land use plan has authorised 3000 square meters of building rights, the municipality wishes to explore the needs and requirements of the developers and operators in order to ensure the bankability of this opportunity. Preliminary concept material is available on request.

Ukkohalla ski resort has seen significant expansion during the last ten years and currently enjoys some tens of thousands of overnight stays per annum. Facilities include downhill ski slopes, chalets, restaurant facilities, wakeboarding and a sauna world. Further details of the resort may be found here.

Total investment value

4-6 MEU


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Pekka Oikarinen

This Municipality of Hyrynsalmi

Private Sector Opportunities

From time to time there can be opportunities in the ownership of the private sector. Information can be subject to Non-Disclosure agreement. Please contact Invest in Kainuu to register to receive this information.

Private land owners, Operating Finnish companies and construction companies have the opportunity to register their off plan investment opportunities with Invest in Kainuu. There are key criteria that must be satisfied to be included on this page.

There is also the possibility to submit an investment opportunity to us, along with an executive summary and some degree of pre-feasibility material for matching with potential investors.

Potential investors may register their interest to receive off-plan investment opportunities from Invest in Kainuu.  (Subject to the criteria determined by the case owner).

Total investment value



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