Kainuu - Living off Nature

Tourism has a great significance to Kainuu's economy. The development of the tourism industry is a vital factor for Kainuu and at the same time it presents great opportunities. According to WTTC, the total contribution of Travel & Tourism to Finland's GDP was EUR18.9bn (USD21.1bn), 8.8% of GDP in 2016,6, and is forecast to rise by 1.9% in 2017, and to rise by 2.6% pa to EUR24.9bn (USD27.8bn), 9.7% of GDP in 2027. As it stands, the Finnish travel and tourism sector offers everything required for doing successful business: a dynamic business climate, a clean and unique environment, and a society that is both safe and internationalized. Kainuu has a unique location next to Russia and a number of attractive tourist areas, including Lakeland and Vuokatti. The amount of overnight stays in Kainuu especially in the area of Vuokatti has increased significantly over the past few years.

Continuous development of tourism and tourism businesses

Kainuu has always made its living from the forest and the forest is part of our identity. The preconditions for nature tourism are excellent in Kainuu due to its low population density, advanced infrastructure, and geopolitical position. Kainuu, with its nine distinctive municipalities, is a colorful synthesis of pure nature, rich culture and history, a variety of activities, modern services and top expertise in various fields. The countryside and nature in its many varied forms offer a huge range of opportunities. We believe that there is plenty of unexplored potential in tourism in Kainuu region - also from the real estate perspective.

In Finland, the economic and political significance of tourism for regional development has increased considerably in recent years. Large amounts of public money are being spent nowadays on the development of tourism in various regions of Finland. In its 2003 to 2020 development plan, Kainuu municipality office claims that in the travel sector its main target is to promote foreign tourism in the region. Focus points in this development program are nature-, sports- and welfare tourism. Also culture and event tourism are planned to be developed. This has encouraged Kainuu to engage in more long-term planning of marketing and implementing of further inputs.

Corporate Highlights

Holiday Club Katinkulta

The most versatile holiday resort in the Nordic Countries - is located in the Kainuu region. It is a significant operator in the fields of holiday housing and tourism.

Sokos Hotel Vuokatti

Hotel and restaurant next to nature and activities. In addition, the hotel offers a wide range of interesting indoor and outdoor activities all year round.

Wild Taiga

A registered trademark used by the members of the Idän Taiga Travel Association. The association endorses the collective initiatives of its members and seeks to improve the overall benefits of the profession. The number of member companies was gone up to 62 small or family businesses as of 2011 - are located in the eastern Kainuun region of Finland along the Russian border in Kuhmo town and Suomussalmi municipality.

Angry Birds Activity Park

World's largest Angry Birds activity park alights in Vuokatti. The 8700 square meters of year-round indoor activity park is a result of the joint venture of Holiday Club, Rovio and Lappset. The park includes besides the Angry Birds themed section also a diverse sports world, where visitors can try out different sports, and a freestyle area suitable for skateboarding and BMX biking. The indoor activity park further increases the year-round service offering that Vuokatti provides for families. It will confirm Vuokatti's position as an attractive and versatile resort in both domestic and international tourism market.

Vuokatti Sports Institute

A leading cross-country skiing training centre in Northern Europe, and an attractive holiday destination for families and sportsmen. The Institute is also an expert centre in health and work wellbeing, and works as a training base for snow sports.

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Ristijärvi - the ideal village for senior citizens

Ristijärvi municipality, located in Kainuu region, has a particularly high share of elderly and retired people where almost 30% of municipal population is aged 65 year and over. Imbalances between age groups can be used as basis for renewed economic development. Ristijärvi has however been chosen to approach this demographic challenge as an opportunity rather than as a threat. The municipality even seeks to increase the share of elderly, especially by encouraging senior aged people moving back to Kainuu as due to the environmental qualities of the municipality and the high level of service provision for elderly people.

Ristijärvi municipality sees senior citizens as an important future resource. This is part of a local development strategy built around the concept of “Seniorpolis”: the more service provision for aged people, the more job opportunities would create for younger people, which in turn improves the overall vitality of the municipality and increases the population in all age groups. In Europe, half of the citizens are seniors. Seniorpolis sees that elder people are possibility, not a burden: the excellence in senior housing, senior caring, senior learning and senior entertainment opens up many opportunities for businesses.

Ristijärvi has been selected as a pilot area to test new technology and different products to be offered to senior citizens. The main objectives of Seniorpolis project are to build well-known business activity and to be a leading actor in senior markets. The Seniorpolis expertise centre develops business operations that promote well-being and lifestyle opportunities for senior citizens. It works in cooperation with Invest in Kainuu and Ristijärvi municipality to promote know-how, technology, product development and business concepts within different senior citizen services.

It is expected that such senior citizen based activities will bring more inhabitants, business and tourists to Ristijärvi.

SeniorPolis Ltd.

Seniorpolis is a municipality-owned development company to specialise in seniors.