Invest in Kainuu Partners:

Kainuun Liitto - The Regional Council of Kainuu

The regional council of Kainuu has the key role in promoting the region's interests with two main functions: regional development and regional land use planning.

The Regional Council of Kainuu

The City of Kajaani, Kainuu

Kajaani is the administrative capital of Kainuu region.
Founded in 1651
Area 2,264.11 km²
Population 38.045
Municipal tax level 21%


Municipality of Sotkamo, Kainuu

Sotkamo possesses the international holiday
world at Vuokatti.


Municipality of Ristijärvi, Kainuu

Seniorpolis offers Ristijärvi municipality as a pilot area to test new technology and different products to be offered to senior citizens. Ristijärvi municipality is shifting towards making ageing
population as an opportunity.


Municipality of Suomussalmi, Kainuu

Suomussalmi form the beautiful
Kainuu Taiga, famous especially in
Central Europe.


Municipality of Paltamo, Kainuu

Paltamo is home to the country’s finest golf
course, and Lake Oulujärvi, known as the “Sea
of Kainuu”, which offers a wealth of opportunity
for recreation.


Municipality of Kuhmo, Kainuu

Kuhmo is famous for versatile events, strong traditions and the annual Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival attracting thousands of music lovers.


Municipality of Hyrynsalmi, Kainuu

Hyrynsalmi hosts world
championships for swamp and snow soccer.


Municipality of Puolanka, Kainuu

Puolanka’s landmark is the
splendid Paljakka with its magnificent slopes, and the pure evergreen forests and clear waters.


TEKES - The National Technology Agency of Finland

Type of organisation: National, regional, international branches
Type of support: The main financing organization for R&D in Finland. A government agency, providing funding and expert services for R&D projects and promotes national and international networking. Foreign companies conducting R&D activities in Finland are also welcome as Tekes’ customers.


TE Keskus - Employment and Economic Development Centre

Type of organisation: Regional
Type of support: Finances SME investment and development projects.

Employment and Economic Development Centre

Invest in Finland

Type of organisation: National and international branches Finland
Type of support: Service organization with the goal of accelerating internationalization of Finnish businesses. Have expertise in Finnish industry, in the international market and in local business practices in different countries.

Invest in Finland

SITRA - Finnish National Fund for Research and Development

Type of organisation: National
Type of support: Established in 1967 as an independent public foundation under the supervision of the Finnish Parliament. The Fund aims to promote Finland's economic prosperity by encouraging research, backing innovative projects, organizing training programs and providing venture capital to companies at the early stage of their existence.



Type of organisation: National / regional / offices also outside Finland
Type of support: Owned by the Finnish government, providing financing services to promote the domestic operations of Finnish businesses, and to further exports and internationalization of enterprises. Provides loans and guarantees for business development and growth as well as export credit guarantees for covering against credit risks of exports.


Teollisuussijoitus - Finnish Industry Investment Ltd.

Type of organisation: National
Type of support: A government-owned investment company, engaging in equity capital investment and investing in venture capital funds, private equity funds and directly in selected target companies.

Finnish Industry Investment Ltd

DIGITICE - the Finnish National Data Centre and Digital Business Cluster

Type of organisation: National
Type of support: DIGITICE is administered by municipality-owned regional development company Kainuun Etu Ltd., supporting the growing number of modern, eco-efficient data centres being built in Finland. The cluster administration team is based in Kajaani and connects with the regional ‘Invest in’ teams around Finland to support the readiness and preparation of further DC investments.

Digitice Finland

Kavio Gaming Cluster

Type of organisation: Regional / national
Type of support: enables and encourages businesses in gaming industry for better competitiveness in wide, global markets with the help of a cluster network.

Kavio Gaming Cluster

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences focus on contacts with working life and train professional in response to labour market needs whereas traditional universities conduct scientific reasearch and provide instruction and postgraduate education based on it.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

The American Chamber of Commerce in Finland

Amcham is an independent, non-profit, and non-governmental Finnish business association, composed of 300+ companies united by a will to develop the Finnish business environment.

AmCham Finland