Kainuu - Significant opportunities in a favorable mining environment

The mining industry has been a growth sector in Kainuu. Finland has a long history of mining activity, and Finnish metallurgical technology and manufacturers of mining equipment are well known throughout the international mining community. Kainuu therefore benefits from its long mining tradition, a highly developed infrastructure, an efficient operating environment, security of tenure and political stability, and strong technological expertise in machines and automation used in mining industry - all of these and more make Kainuu a favorable investment and operating environment for the exploration industry. Additionally, the Finnish government offers a complete package to support mining investments.

Continuous development of Mining Industry

The mining and mineral field is undergoing a strong expansion in Northern Finland and growing strongly in Kainuu region. Kainuu, is part of the Fennoscandian Shield, a physiographic region of extremely high ore potential; The potential can be roughly divided into three categories: the exploitation of industrial minerals, rock, and metallic minerals. The region is also rich in other soil materials needed in industry and construction, such as sand, gravel, rock suitable for crushing, and peat.

In addition to the impact on employment, business and marketing expertise and international contacts in the region’s stone and minerals sector have increased dramatically and will continue to develop in the coming years. The Finnish Government has also promoted mining industry with a variety of measures, including training of skilled personnel, construction of roads and railways, and providing funding for research.

Corporate Highlights

Mondo Minerals Ltd.

Mondo Minerals is the world’s second largest talc producer. They are currently supplying customers in over 70 countries. Mondo Minerals own talc mines and operate highly efficient factories in Sotkamo municipality in central Finland. They offer three distinct product lines - Finntalc, Microtalc and Plustalc. These three product lines comprise highly specialized, valuable additives for paper, paints and coatings, plastics, cordierite ceramics, consumables, personal care and pharmaceutical products.

Terrafame Mining Ltd.

The Finnish mining company Terrafame produce primarily nickel and zinc by bioheapleaching at its mine located in Sotkamo. They strive for environmentally friendly, sustainable and profitable operations. Terrafame is owned by Terrafame Group Ltd., which is wholly-owned by the State of Finland.

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Sotkamo Silver - A mining Investment Opportunity

Sotkamo Silver consists of the parent company, Sotkamo Silver AB, with one wholly owned subsidiary in Finland: Sotkamo Silver Oy. Sotkamo Silver develops silver, gold and zinc deposits in the Nordic region. The Company has completed the Bankable Feasibility Study for Silver Mine project and is working on project financing issues.

25 M€ capital has been invested so far. 12 M€ has gone to the project Silver Mine deposit before Sotkamo Silver bought the rights to this mineral reserve. After this 13 M€ has been invested by the investors of Sotkamo Silver. Sotkamo Silver has since continued the exploration and development of the Silver Mine Project.

Highlights of the Silver Mine Project:


  • In the municipality of Sotkamo in eastern Finland, 475 kilometres from Helsinki
  • 240 km from the harbour of Oulu
  • 85 km from the airport of Kajaani
  • Geology:

  • Siliceous quartz porphyritic rocks interpreted as felsic volcanic rocks. Metamorphosed to felsic volcaniclastic rocks, including volcanic breccias; banded quartz-sericite-biotite schist and quartz-phyric crystal tuffs. kvar kidetuffia
  • Resource Area:

  • 530 hectares, mining concession and environmental permit process started in March 2009
  • Discovery:

  • 1980
  • Drilling:

  • Approx. 56,000 metres surface and underground drilling
  • To be completed:

  • Financing
  • Resource Estimate for the Taivaljärvi Silver Mine Ag-Zn-Pb-Au Deposit as at 28/1/14

    The Sotkamo Silver Mine Project is located in the municipality of Sotkamo in eastern Finland, 475km from Helsinki, and the site is easy to access. In 2013, the environment license was granted. It is ready to start construction. Sotkamo Silver has during 2014 received the latest independent estimate of the mineral resources for Silver Mine deposit. Total measured and indicated resources were 6 million tonnes grading 83,4 grams of silver/ton, and inferred resources of 1.3 million tonnes grading 75,5 grams of silver equivalents/ton. Sotkamo Silver continues to look for the investments and they believe there will be a huge future potential in the area.

    Read more about Sotkamo Silver Mine Project at Sotkamo Silver Ltd.

    Sotkamo Silver Ltd.

    Sotkamo Silver develops silver, gold and zinc deposits in the Nordic region. The company has a well-developed Silver Mine project in Kainuu region. The company has completed the Definitive Feasibility Study for Taivaljärvi Silver Mine project and working on a project financing issues.

    Sotkamo Silver

    Aquaminerals Finland Ltd.

    Aquaminerals is a privately owned Finnish company specializing in production of heavy metal and metalloid sorbents. Products of Aquaminerals are used in waste water treatment, both in industrial and domestic facilities. Patented products are derived from modified natural minerals.


    Otanmäki Mine Ltd.

    Otanmäki Mine Ltd. is a finnish mining and exploration company established in 2012. Otanmäki Mine Oy's main goal is to reopen historical Otanmäki Fe-Ti-V-mine sometime 2019-2020. Mining will start first as open pit operation and later move underground. Planned yearly ore tonnage production will be ca. 1.5 Mt and estimated minimun mine life is 15 years. Historical mineral resources in Otanmäki mine are estimated to be 14 Mt. Vuorokas Fe-Ti-V-mine is located some 2.5 km to the east of Otanmäki. Vuorokas mineral resources are estimated to be 6 Mt. Vuorokas mine will be taken to production 2-3 years after Otanmäki mine. Otanmäki Mine Ltd. will construct processing plant and vanadium factory in Otanmäki. Main products will be vanadiumpentoxide, ilmenite and iron pellets. Vanadiumpentoxide production is estimated to be 4 300 t/a, ilmenite production 250 000 t/a and iron pellet production 480 000 t/a. Otanmäki mine was operational from 1953 until 1985. Total ore tonnage produced was ca. 31.1 Mt. Otanmäki mine area has already in place several key elements, that will positively affect the reopening of the mine. These elements include railway, 110 kV powerline, road network, tailings pond area and housing for the mine workers.

    Otanmäki Mine