About Finland

Finland is a Nordic country situated in Northern Europe. In terms of area, it is the eighth largest country in Europe and the most sparsely populated country in European Union. 5,4 million people live in Finland with the majority concentrated in its southern regions.

There is a dynamic business environment in Finland. It has established a reputation for innovative high-tech industries. The country’s infrastructure is well developed and workforce highly educated and skilled. According to World Economy Forum, Finland has the best education system in the world.

Non-existent corruption and minimal bureaucracy are additional reasons for setting up a business in Finland. Today, foreign-owned companies account for more than 20 % of corporate turnover in Finland, and their number is constantly growing.

English is the common business language and the most popular foreign language in Finland.

Facts about Finland

Total area 338,435km² (of which 89,8 % land and 10,2 % internal waters)

Neighboring countries Sweden, Norway, Russia, Estonia

Natural resources Forests, copper, iron ore, other minerals, fresh water

Distances 1160 km from north to south, 540 km from west to east

Time UTC +2 hours during winter, UTC +3 during summer

Population 5,44 million in June 2013

Population density 17,86 inhabitants per square kilometre on the 1st of January 2013

Life expectancy at birth Females 83,5 years, males 77,2 years in 2011

Main towns Helsinki 603 968, Espoo 256 824, Tampere 217 421, Vantaa 205 312, Oulu 190 847, Turku 180 225 (at the end of 2012)

Languages Finnish 89,7 %, Swedish 5,4 %, Sami 0,04 %, Russian 1,1 %, Estonian 0,7 %. (Finnish and Swedish are the official languages)

Religion 79,9% of the population were Lutheran and 1,1% Orthodox. 20% of the population had no religious affiliation (2010)

Currency euro (€, EUR)

GDP 204 bn € (2014)

GDP per capita at current market prices 35,569€ (2013). GDP (Change): -0,4% (2014)

Monthly wages average 3,206€; men 3,530€, women 2,891€ (2013)

Unemployment rate 8,7% (2014)

Tax Corporate income tax 24,5%; Value added tax (VAT): standard 23%; Foodstuff, restaurant and catering services 14%

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